As to how we intent to get our expert facilitators for our 4 key strategies to be put in place, SIET will be open for volunteering from experts and facilitators within Cameroon and without.

We will need facilitators from Cameroon because they will better understand the academic system and background of our principal targets.

Nonetheless facilitators from without will be needed to compliment the others with their expertise.

All facilitators will be gotten through volunteering.

we need you out there
we need you out there

SIET can’t go operational on her own. She is the product of teamwork and will always remain and move by team work. Owning to this we intent to partner with structures on language education, embassies (American Embassy, Canadian, French Embassy, Turkey, and others, companies, governments, nations and individuals for funding.

We will need to raise startup funding, Fundings to cover ongoing costs, Grants and donations and revenue or something so  as to motivate our volunteers Who have what we need.

We also need things other than financial support, like access to learning materials, partnerships from other language base organisations and many others

I will need for these things to reach us right where we are now in soa Yaounde


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