strategies i put in place to have this work
strategies i put in place to have this work

We intent to facilitate speaking in English within non –English speaking communities and groups of persons, ranging from Pupils, students, workers, Traders, Business men and women, Politicians, Musicians, athletes, footballers within Cameroon (with as much as 8 French speaking regions among 10), Africa and to the rest of the world. (China, Japan, Russia, Australia, Spain, Italy, Holland, and the Latin American countries etc.)

We will do this by making use of some strategies that in themselves will indicate our targeted group.

Principally, SIET will make use of 4 key Strategies that will be;-

-Pupils with Speak in English Today (PWSIET)

-Students with Speak in English Today (SWSIET)

-Families with Speak in English Today (FWSIET)

-Community with Speak in English Today (CWSIET)

  • To begin with, we will give English courses in schools (primary, secondary and high) and other higher academic institutions. With this, PWSIET (pupils with speak in English Today) and SWSIET (students with Speak in English Today) will be the strategies we will put in place.
  • As to what concerns bringing to the students English courses on primarily speaking through SIET, our strategy SWSIET will put in place, a Speak in English Day (SIETD) which will be introduce within most lycees and French speaking institutions and other non-English structures. SIETD is going to be an every after two months event that will come up at least 5 times within the 10 months of the school year in Cameroon that runs from September to June or mid-July

On this day, our facilitators (Expert volunteers of SIET) will have a well strategized and arranged lessons to bring to the students. These lessons would be geared at helping a beginner in the English language to gradually accommodate, assimilate and adapt within a community of English speakers which will be different from their regular English periods on their school program that often times in examination oriented.

They will be taught with every available means like videos, DVDs, e-books, English language software, and personal interactions, facilitator- students interaction from the basics about the English language, its origin, the British culture which undoubtable remains an epitome of the English language.

  • Still on how we intent to touch the students but this time inclusively with the pupils or the younger students, PWSIET and SWSIET are the two strategies we intent using in combination though the two groups will be handle and treated separately.

we will make announcements and launch holiday programs particularly for the pupils, school children of the secondary and the higher institutions of learning though room will be created too for the non-students and other interested class.

During this holiday program organize by SIET, lessons in relax modes and less formal manners will be expose to kids and adults via music, sketches, playbacks and other interactive out doorways facilitators might deem necessary.

  • We intent too, to reach private individuals at their homes and to work with them as a family. Family with Speak in English Today (FWSIET) is the strategy we will put in place. This will involve taking care of special need cases like for the blinds, handicaps and others depending on a particular family’s need. Here our facilitators will bring SIET right at the door steps of the families and individuals as the need arises.
  • Apart from the Speak in English Day (SIETD) and the other means mentioned above, the SIET, intents too, to create SIET centers.

These centers will have and carry facilities for personal learning and advancement in other aspects of the language like writing. The internet, and other necessary aids and correspondent will make up the centers.

Lastly we have our community strategy that stands as the main reason and objective for the creation of SIET. So as to not focus on the students and pupils only and forget their French speaking (and other non-English speaking) parents, SIET also offers English courses within communities to meet the working classes and children who can’t go to school for various reasons. Community with Speak in English Today (CWSIET) is our strategy to be put in place. This cycle will engulf the adults, the business men and women, the traders, house wives and every other person that is not into a formal learning process.


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